Thursday, August 30th 2018

1. 3-Position Power Snatch
Build to a Heavy Complex

2. Conditioning
“Daily Dozen”
12 Lateral Barbell Burpees
9 Power Snatches (115/80)
6 Bar Muscle-Ups

Another two part workout today. Athletes will have the opportunity to work through the three positions of the snatch before completing power snatches in “Daily Dozen”. These three positions are the high hang (pockets), hang (above the knee), and from the floor. This complex is more about hitting the positions and moving well than it is weight on the barbell. Heavy is relative for the day. Where form starts to break down is a great place to call it.
Within the workout, the weight on the power snatches should be something athletes could complete 9 reps unbroken when fresh. Depending on athlete’s goals, they will complete some gymnastic variation for the last movement. Athletes with goals of competing locally or in the Open can complete bar muscle-ups (or a bar muscle-up progression movement), while athletes whose goals are focused outside of the gym can complete 12 pull-ups.

OLY Class @ 7pm
1. Full Grip Front Squat + Push Press: (3+3) x 4. These will be lighter, so work speed out of the bottom of the squat. If mobility does not allow for a full grip on the bar when front squatting, just use a regular fingertip grip.
2. Clean and jerk: 3,2,2,2,1,1,1
3. Clean Pull: 4×4