Thursday, August 9th 2018

1. Conditioning
“Strict Nicole”
400 Meter Run
Max Strict Pull-ups

The CrossFit Benchmark workout “Nicole” is traditionally written as Max Kipping Pull-ups. Today, however, we will be looking to accumulate as many quality strict pull-ups as possible in the 20 minute window. When the clock runs out, the score is total strict pull-ups. This is an awesome opportunity for athletes to hold themselves to a strict movement standard and build some strength. In order the get the right stimulus, we are looking for athletes to complete at least 5-6 repetitions each attempt on the pull-up bar. Choosing a variation that allows for this many reps will get athletes the most bang for their buck. Once athletes drop from the pull-up bar or are unable to complete any more reps that meet the standard, they will complete a 400 meter run. The preferred sub for running today is a bike, as the row may negatively affect the pull-ups, although either will work.

OLY Class @ 7pm
1. Power Snatch: 3,2,2,1,1. Keep it relatively light and snappy.
2. Power Clean + Jerk: (1+1)4 working sets.
3. Back Squat: 5,3,1,5,3,1. Work up and then back down and then back up.
4. 3 sets:
Strict DB High Pull x 10
DB incline bench x 10
Push-ups x 10
Single Arm DB Row x 10/ Arm
3 sets:
Russian Twists x 30
KB Side Bends x 20 each side
Roll To CandleStick x 8